Forests need to burn. Fire is a critical ecosystem process and many species rely on the fires to create the habitat where they are able to find food and shelter. The issue at stake here is that modern fires are raging and too frequently so that it causing forests neither recover nor create the habitat that many plants and animals rely on. 

This project captures and decomposes carbon dioxide at high-altitude and crystallizes it for storage. Whenever there is a forest fire occurs, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be produced, and this tower will be used for high-altitude carbon replenishment, and transport the crystallized carbon dioxide upwards, after being processed and transformed, and then transformed into cloud condensation nodules. It is used to generate rainfall to reduce the surface temperature. During the fire, it will continue to rain to provide time for ecological recovery. When the fire is over, the remaining crystallized carbon dioxide will be driven into the rock formations to strengthen the foundation strength of the rock pan, and through the transformation and implantation of the ground layer, the soil nutrients are also restored. Therefore, the existence of this project will greatly accelerate the speed and process of forest restoration.

森林需要燃燒。火是一個重要的生態系統過程,許多物種依靠火來創造它們尋找食物和住所所需的棲息地。這裡的關鍵問題是現代火災太大且太頻繁,這使得森林無法恢復並創造許多動植物賴以生存的棲息地。  此專案平時會高空捕獲二氧化碳並分解二氧化碳並將其結晶化儲存。每當發生森林大火的時候將產生大量二氧化碳,此塔將進行高空碳補集,並且將結晶的二氧化碳往上輸送經過處理轉化的過程後,轉化成雲凝結核,用以產生降雨來降低地表溫度,在大火期間將持續降雨,提供給生態恢復的時間,當大火結束時,會將剩餘結晶化二氧化碳打入岩層,強化岩盤的基礎強度,以及透過轉化植入地面層也重新復育土壤養分,因此這個專案的存在將大大加速森林復育的速度以及過程。

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