2021 Young One ADC Award  / Merit

2021 The Architecture MasterPrize / Winner


Wondering if the “wave” element can be used to create an interesting space, I contemplate incorporating this concept into an art museum. The design focuses on three aims: firstly, immersing visitors in wave elements throughout the museum; secondly, using wave elements to connect the interior and exterior spaces; and thirdly, enhancing the exhibition experience through the incorporation of wave elements.

Within the museum, the exhibition circulation stands out as the most captivating feature. The interwoven wave-like circulation allows visitors to experience the exhibits from various perspectives. Moreover, the continuous wave-shaped circulation enables visitors to access different exhibitions on different floors along a single path.

Additionally, the exterior design offers an intriguing aspect. Situated adjacent to a hill, the museum invites visitors to ascend and reach the roof. Upon reaching the roof, they will discover the manifestation of the wave concept in the design. Both the roof and the exterior paths feature wave shapes. However, the wave curves and slopes between them differ, creating intersecting spaces that offer glimpses of the interior and even grant access to the attic.


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