Balvenie x 陳彥廷 – The Balvenie CNY DESIGN AND ENDORSEMENT


William Grant & Sons, The Balvenie


Paper-cutting Art, Celebrity Endorsement


THE BALVENIE, a distinguished single malt Scotch whisky brand known for its commitment to craftsmanship, has embarked on a special collaboration for the New Year. They have teamed up with renowned paper-cutting artist Chen Yan-Ting to create a series of 100 paper-cut artworks, each featuring the Chinese character “富” (fu), which represents prosperity.

With meticulous precision, Chen Yen-Ting handcrafted these paper-cut pieces, each portraying a unique and auspicious symbol that resonates with the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year. These intricate artworks encapsulate a myriad of meanings associated with “富” (prosperity), creating a lasting impression and a profound sense of uniqueness.

The collaboration showcases symbols that represent success in career, fulfillment in family life, and well-being. The intention is to wish for a harmonious and prosperous life in all aspects. These meticulously crafted paper-cut pieces have been ingeniously incorporated into “THE BALVENIE Prosperity Classic Gift Set,” featuring the brand’s 12-year, 14-year, and 17-year whiskies. Each paper-cut “富” symbolizes a distinct meaning, harmoniously integrated with the flavor profiles of the respective Balvenie expressions. This thoughtful design not only conveys blessings but also adds a new layer of significance to gifting, infused with the essence of prosperity.

THE BALVENIE 百富單一麥芽威士忌堅守手工製作的精神,特別在新年之際與著名手工剪紙藝術家陳彥廷合作,展開了一場獨特的合作。這次合作中,共創了100幅以「富」字為主題的剪紙藝術作品。陳彥廷用雙手,一刀一刀地創造出具有華人新年氛圍的吉祥圖案,展現了「富」的百種意象。每一件剪紙作品都不僅讓人深刻印象,更因其獨一無二的特質而富有深刻的意義。 這些剪紙藝術作品分別象徵著事業、家庭和健康的富足,旨在期許每個人在事業、家庭和健康方面都能取得平衡,達到圓滿和富足。這些手工剪紙藝術作品被巧妙地融入「THE BALVENIE 百富經典禮盒」中,包括12年、14年和17年三款優質威士忌。每一款禮盒中的剪紙「百富」都代表著獨特的含義,並巧妙地融入了百富酒款的風味特點,讓送禮的意義更加豐富且充滿創意。

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