Taipei City Government


APP Design, UI & UX


In order to apply for Taipei to become the World Design Capital, we have developed a brand-new app. This app gathers the highlights of Taipei City, including people, events, landmarks, cuisine, cultural lectures, stories of ancient trees, accommodations, and transportation, among other aspects, allowing visitors to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Taipei. Moreover, the app incorporates augmented reality (AR) camera features that enable users to travel through time and experience the different eras of Taipei’s history. The primary objective of this app is to offer visitors a diverse and enriching Taipei experience, encouraging their active participation to discover the uniqueness of the city.

We aspire that this app will assist Taipei in showcasing its distinctive charm to the world, attracting more people to come and explore this vibrant and culturally-rich city. Whether they are tourists or local residents, through this app, they can gain a deeper understanding of and affection for Taipei.

為了申請台北成為世界設計之都,我們開發了一款全新的APP。這個APP匯集了台北市的精彩內容,包括人物、活動、景點、美食、文化講座、老樹故事、住宿和交通等多個方面,讓遊客能夠全面深入地了解台北。不僅如此,APP中還內建了一些時光穿越的擴增實境(AR)相機功能,讓使用者能夠穿越歷史,感受不同時代的風貌。這款APP的目標是提供遊客一個豐富多元的台北體驗,並且讓他們能夠參與其中,感受台北的獨特之處。 我們希望這款APP能夠幫助台北向世界展現其獨特的魅力,吸引更多人前來體驗這座充滿活力和文化的城市。無論是遊客還是當地居民,都能透過這個APP更深入地認識和愛上台北。

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