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The Far Eastern Left Bank has obtained LLG certification for its second-generation green residences, aiming to create a blueprint for “Smart Life Services” and fully realize the concept of “12i” smart life services. Through the assistance of cloud technology, it has further successfully integrated a regional smart joint defense network layout. Within the 12i project, the “i-Center Regional Joint Defense Center” integrates systems such as “i-Watch Smart Security Joint Defense” and “i-Call Emergency Help and Broadcasting System”, allowing security personnel to monitor public areas at any time and establish real-time connections with police stations to provide emergency notification services, thus enhancing the level of residential intelligence.

In this project, important intersections will be equipped with the i-Call system, which can be used for music playback and street broadcasting during regular times. In the event of an emergency, simply press the help button to explain your needs to the security personnel. The i-Center can immediately view images of your location to facilitate emergency assistance and support. Whether you are pushing a baby stroller, using a wheelchair, or even just taking a walk and encounter an emergency situation due to physical discomfort, you can press the i-Call button at any time to receive timely assistance.

遠雄左岸取得LLG認證的綠色二代宅,致力于打造「智慧生活服務」的藍圖,充分實現「12i」智慧生活服務概念。透過雲端技術的協助,更進一步成功結合了區域性的智慧聯防網絡佈局。其中,12i項目中的「i-Center區域聯防中心」將「i-Watch智慧安全聯防」和「i-Call緊急求救與廣播系統」等系統整合在一起,使保全人員能夠隨時監控公共區域,同時能與警局進行即時連線,提供緊急通報服務,進一步提升居住的智慧化程度。 在這個建案中,重要的路口將設置i-Call系統,平時可用於音樂播放和街道廣播。當緊急狀況發生時,只需按下求救按鈕,即可向保全人員說明您的需求。i-Center也能立即查看您所在位置的影像,以便進行緊急救助和協助。不論您是推著嬰兒車、坐著輪椅,甚至只是散步時遇到身體不適的緊急情況,都能隨時按下i-Call按鈕,獲得及時的幫助。

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