The LOEWE Jade Series Paper-Cut Lanterns 剪紙燈籠




Paper-cutting Art


Invited to conduct a tutorial on paper-cut lantern crafting for LOEWE’s 2024 VVIP Chinese New Year event, the lantern design was provided by the LOEWE headquarters. My role was to skillfully demonstrate the construction process. The lanterns draw inspiration from the brand’s new craft series, LOEWE JADE Collection, featuring auspicious shapes like pea pods, Chinese cabbage, and eggplants symbolizing good fortune, wealth, and longevity. Adorned with vibrant colors such as jade green, spring jade, sugar yellow, brick red, deep khaki, and violet, the interplay of these six hues weaves a culturally poetic tapestry of New Year blessings.

受邀為LOEWE 進行2024 VVIP新春剪紙燈籠教學,這次的燈籠紙雕由LOEWE總公司提供設計,我只負責很帥地進行製作教學。燈籠靈感源自全新工藝系列LOEWE JADE Collection,以象徵福氣、財富、長壽的豆莢、白菜和茄子造型,搭配繽紛的翡翠、春玉、糖黃、磚紅、深卡其及紫羅蘭,六色交織充滿文化詩意的新年祝福。

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