Book Design


 The Inner Essence of the Heart Sutra: This book delves into the profound connections between the Heart Sutra and the paths of liberation, the Bodhi path, and the cases of ancestral masters. It explores the intricate meanings and depths within.

The Dove and the Spirit Turtle: This work meticulously examines the later slanders against Master Dahuizong Gao Chan and uncovers the truth, safeguarding the untainted reputation of the wise for posterity.

The True Treasury of Tathagata: Investigating the enduring mystery that has eluded understanding by wise minds throughout history—the Tathagata Treasury.

To perfectly present these three invaluable works, the design of the books has been given special attention. Utilizing unique printing techniques and binding methods, we aim to capture a rustic aesthetic while retaining a sense of design. These books are not just literature; they are the embodiment of wisdom. Through meticulous design, readers can experience the profound thoughts and insights contained within the pages. Each book is a treasure trove of knowledge, guiding readers into the realm of wisdom and immersing them in the ocean of enlightenment.

這三本書籍的內容極富深意:首先是《心經密意》,詳述了心經與解脫道、佛菩提道以及祖師公案的密切關係,深入解析其中的深奧涵義;接著是《鈍鳥與靈龜》,對後世對大慧宗杲禪師的誹謗進行考證,挖掘真相,保護智者的清白名聲;最後則是《真實如來藏》,探討自古以來智者對於如來藏所追求的深刻奧秘,一直未能理解的亙古謎題。 為了完美呈現這三本寶貴的著作,我們特別著重書籍設計。運用特殊的印刷技術和裝訂方式,我們在設計中追求古樸的風格同時又不失設計感。這不僅是書籍,更是智慧的結晶,透過精心的設計,讓讀者在閱讀的同時感受到書中所蘊含的深邃思想和內涵。每一本書都是一個靈魂的寶藏,帶領讀者走入知識的殿堂,沉浸於智慧的海洋中。

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