Two Large-scale Paper-cut Art Sculptures for 95 Years of Public Service Broadcasting, Hong Kong – Embraced by All Seasons 香港公共廣播95週年大型剪紙藝術雕塑 – 四時相伴


Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)


Two Large-scale Paper-cut Art Sculptures


Celebrating the 95th anniversary of Hong Kong Public Broadcasting, renowned Taiwanese paper-cut artist Chen Yan-ting is specially invited to create a large-scale paper-cut art sculpture titled ” Embraced by All Seasons.” This artwork features beautiful and auspicious flowers representing the four seasons—spring orchids, summer lotus, autumn chrysanthemums, and winter plum blossoms. It symbolizes Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) accompanying citizens through 95 years of wonderful moments, witnessing every touching moment in life. The vibrant blossoms also showcase RTHK’s splendid achievements in various fields such as pop culture, sports, music, and opera, highlighting its distinguished position as Hong Kong’s first broadcasting institution. Through these two sculptures, the hope is for every citizen to share in the joy and together envision a happy future for this city.


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