Key Visual Design, Exhibition Design


Chen Yan-ting believes that talented young designers are like colorful native eggs, hatching design value through original inspiration, bringing boundless inspiration and bright hopes to the future world. Exceptional creativity can unravel complex issues, simplifying them and crafting avant-garde charm with perceptive insights. Skillful design addresses problems and delves into multifaceted contemplation, integrating the diverse facets of contemporary design.

The Good Young Creative Exhibition has gathered award-winning works from emerging Taiwanese designers through prestigious awards such as iF, Red Dot, IDEA, and Yodex. The exhibition is categorized into four sections: “Product Design,” “Communication Design,” “Craft Design,” and “Digital Animation.” In addition to showcasing the designers’ works, we present their creative process sketches and display boards, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the creators’ thoughts and reevaluate the essence of creativity.

We anticipate that the Good Young Creative Exhibition will inspire a broader audience and continue to nurture exceptional creativity and design!


好Young創意特展從iF、Red Dot、IDEA與Yodex等設計獎中精心選取台灣優秀年輕設計師的獲獎作品。展區分為「產品設計類」、「溝通設計類」、「工藝設計類」和「數位動畫類」四大類別。除了展示設計師的作品外,我們也呈現了設計師在孵化創意過程中的草圖和展板,讓觀眾能夠深入創作者的思維,重新審視創意的本質。 我們期待好Young創意特展能夠激發更多社會大眾的靈感,持續孵化出卓越的創意和設計!

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