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Dubbed as the global architectural equivalent of the Oscar Awards, the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards took place on May 30th, 2019, in Moscow, Russia. Taiwan once again illuminated the international real estate and architecture sphere with a remarkable achievement of four gold and one silver awards. This year’s award ceremony featured a special collaboration with renowned paper-cutting artist Chen Yan-Ting, showcasing a captivating synergy between architecture and paper art.

In this unique collaboration, the central theme of the paper-cut artworks revolved around the four gold-winning projects: National Taitung University Library, Taichung City Liuchuan Canal Waterfront Landscape Engineering, Univention Landmark Corporate Office Building, and Treasure Dragon Corp. The Joy Rialto, along with the silver-winning New Taipei Metropolitan Park. Chen Yan-Ting meticulously crafted the facades of these award-winning architectural masterpieces, embodying the spirit of “Pursuing Excellence! Radiating Global Glory! Illuminating Taiwan!” Each paper-cut artwork stands as a unique creation, collectively creating a vibrant impression of Taiwan’s new radiance.

被譽為全球建築界的奧斯卡金像獎——全球卓越建設獎 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards,於2019年5月30日在俄羅斯莫斯科隆重舉行頒獎典禮。臺灣再度以四金一銀的佳績,在國際不動產建築界中閃耀奪目。今年的頒獎典禮特別與著名手工剪紙藝術家陳彥廷合作,呈現了建築與剪紙的精彩結合。這次的合作以四個金獎及一個銀獎的傑出作品為主題,包括金獎得主國立臺東大學圖書資訊館、金獎得主臺中市綠川排水景觀工程、金獎得主統創企業大樓、金獎得主龍寶建設愉悅臻邸,以及銀獎得主大臺北都會公園。陳彥廷巧妙運用雙手,一刀一刀地創造出得獎建築的立面紋理,呈現「追求卓越!榮耀全球!臺灣發光!」的意象。每一件剪紙作品都獨具特色,更凝聚出嶄新的台灣之光印象。

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