LOGO Design, Packaging Design


Gelovery, a young luxury brand, has undergone a redesign of its logo and packaging, blending the essence of the brand. With a decade of professional skincare research and development experience, we are dedicated to crafting top-tier skincare products exclusively for you. Our products are designed to help you regain hydrated, supple skin, providing both repair and anti-aging benefits, ensuring your youthfully radiant complexion.

The brand new logo symbolizes modern elegance and confidence, reflecting the brand’s mission to be your ultimate skincare choice. Each of our products is a culmination of expert research, packaged innovatively to enhance the user experience while safeguarding the premium ingredients within. We firmly believe that Gelovery will be your guide in the journey towards healthy skin, allowing you to exude confidence and radiance every day, facing life’s challenges with grace. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, infusing vitality into your skin and blossoming with the spirit of youth.


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