Jubilee International Biomedical


Product Design, VI Design, Package Design, Award Consultant


2023 Red Dot Award: Design Concept / Shortlist

2023 International Design Excellence Award / Finalist

2023 Muse Design Award / Silver

2023 New York Product Award / Gold

2023 DNA Paris Design Award / Official Selection

2023 Golden Pin Design Award / 晉級複審

2023 Taiwan Excellence Award / 晉級複審


Desiring to make the time stop? Try out JUBI Plasma to unlock your code for youth!

The JUBI Plasma skin beautifying device has adopted the globally exclusive low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma technology, which is enriched in active particles and soft microcurrent along with the production of sonic vibrations, capable of deeply massaging the muscles and the skin tissues, thereby effectively firming the pores, and lifting facial contours; it can stimulate the absorption of key skincare product ingredients with the use of a serum, thereby enhancing skincare efficacy.

The black plasma probe of JUBI Plasma is capable of producing a high concentration of active particles; the golden vibration probe of JUBI Plasma can provide 9000rpm of sonic massage frequency, restoring skin’s elasticity together with the use of serum, making the skin appear radiant and younger. Through JUBI Plasma Skin Revitalizing Device, you can easily attain professional skincare effects comparable to aesthetic medicine at home, thereby effectively soothing skin issues such as coarseness, dullness, sagginess, fine lines, etc., firming and brightening the skin to restore the peak status of youth.

渴望時光永駐嗎?試試JUBI Plasma為您解鎖青春密碼!

JUBI Plasma美膚儀採用獨步全球的低溫大氣電漿技術,富含活性粒子及柔和的微電流,搭配音波震動產生,深層按摩肌肉與皮膚組織,有效緊緻毛孔、拉提臉部線條,搭配精華液使用,可促進保養品關鍵成分吸收,提高保養效率。

JUBI Plasma黑色電漿探頭可產生高濃度電漿活性粒子;JUBI Plasma金色震動探頭,則可以提供9000 rpm音波按摩頻率,配合精華液使用,恢復肌膚彈性,更顯明亮年輕。透過JUBI Plasma緻麗煥膚儀,讓您居家輕鬆達到醫美級專業護膚效果,有效改善粗糙、暗沈、鬆弛、細紋等肌膚問題,讓肌膚緊緻透亮,重返青春巔峰。

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