DFT Social Design Exhibition


Flytech Foundation


Key Visual Design, Exhibition Design


2018 Architecture MasterPrize / Honorable Mention


“Unbox Your Thinking” is the topic of choice for the 1st Design For Taiwan Social Design Exhibition. Through this exhibition, issues regarding care for the underprivileged, technology education, social service have been fully conveyed. With “Breaking Through Boundaries” as the core concept of the overall design, the combination of LED lights and supple iron outlines, present the exhibition arena in a hasty, industrialized tone. The perfect setting for showcasing student’s innovative “Breaking Through Boundaries” works.

第一屆Design For Taiwan社會設計展主題為『Unbox Your Thinking』,期望透設計體現關懷弱勢、科技教育、社會服務三大面向,整體展場設計以『突破框架』為核心概念,透過簡潔的鐵架結合LED光條,襯托展場明快的工業氣質,展現同學們突破框架後的全新創作!

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