Paper-cutting Art


 For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, TOD’S collaborates with the paper-cutting artist Chen Yan-ting to bring together the beauty of the golden crow and jade rabbit, blending it with TOD’S iconic double T buckle and distinctive Gommino driving shoes. The result is a special paper-cutting gift that captures the essence of the festival. Inspired by the ancient poem by Han Congchun, “The golden crow flies long, the jade rabbit runs; green hair remains everlastingly green,” the design symbolizes the passage of time as we once again celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

TOD’S classic suede-soled shoes, known as “Gommino Driving Shoes,” are crafted with 100% Italian craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s “moccasin” style, each pair of Gommino shoes is meticulously handmade, consisting of 133 rubber pebbles, creating a unique appearance and a fashionable casual style. The vibrant color range of these shoes, much like moonlight, illuminates this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and continues to captivate enthusiasts’ hearts.

今年的中秋節,TOD’S與手工剪紙藝術家陳彥廷攜手合作,將金烏玉兔的美景融入TOD’S品牌經典的雙T扣式與獨特的豆豆鞋之中,創作出中秋節特別的剪紙贈禮。這個設計靈感來自古代韓琮的詩句:”金烏長飛玉兔走,青鬢長青古無有”,意味著時光匆匆流轉,我們又一次迎來了中秋佳節。 TOD’S經典的麂皮膠底鞋,即「豆豆鞋」(Gommino Driving Shoes),是100%義大利手工製作的藝術品。其設計靈感源自1950年代的「莫卡辛鞋/開車鞋」(Moccasin),每雙豆豆鞋都經過精湛的工藝,由133顆橡膠圓粒精心組合而成,賦予豆豆鞋獨特的外觀與時尚休閒風格。這款鞋的多彩色系如同月光一般,照亮著今年的中秋,同時也融化著熱愛者的心。

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