Paper-cutting Art


 The main visual of GUCCI’s Christmas season showcases the theme of ‘Enchanted Eden,’ aiming to create the world’s most romantic garden. The introduction is led by a mystical serpent, unveiling a mesmerizing world. Male and female models take on the roles of Adam and Eve, surrounded by creatures such as tigers, parrots, bees, rabbits, zebras, and more, weaving through the scene. Accompanied by melodious opera tunes, the atmosphere exudes a dreamy poetic essence. The attire and accessories worn by Adam and Eve, including GUCCI clothing, bags, and shoes, feature patterns of serpents and tigers, harmonizing with the visuals of the short film, creating a captivating synergy.

This year, Gucci once again collaborates with paper-cutting artist Chen Yanting, aiming to use the art of paper-cutting to bring to life the vibrant flowers and animals in the tranquil and picturesque garden realm. Evoking the boundless vitality of life, with a gentle breeze and warm sunlight, it brings a sense of warmth to the winter season, offering a visually enchanting feast.

GUCCI聖誕季主視覺展現『迷幻伊甸園』,試圖打造世界上最浪漫的花園。靈蛇作為序幕,引領觀眾進入這個奇幻場域。男女模特化身亞當和夏娃,周圍繞著老虎、鸚鵡、蜜蜂、野兔、斑馬等生物,穿梭其中,再加上悠揚的歌劇名曲,營造出夢幻詩意。亞當和夏娃所穿的GUCCI服飾、包包和鞋款都飾以靈蛇、老虎等圖案,與短片內容相呼應,別具美感。 今年Gucci再次邀請剪紙藝術家陳彥廷合作,希望在寧靜優美的花園世界中,用剪紙呈現豐富生動的花朵和動物,散發著生命力的氣息。微風輕拂,陽光溫暖,為冬日帶來溫馨,呈現一場令人陶醉的視覺盛宴。

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