Paper-cutting Art


 This New Year, LOEWE collaborates with the emerging paper-cutting artist, Mr. Chen Yan-ting, to present a unique paper-cutting artwork. The artwork integrates several special zodiac elements: firstly, the Rat, symbolizing wit, intelligence, and bountiful harvest; secondly, the Pig, representing auspiciousness and overall good luck; and finally, the two Fish, signifying the blessing of having many offspring.

These zodiac elements are skillfully portrayed in the paper-cutting art, showcasing the uniqueness of Chinese traditional culture. LOEWE has always been committed to collaborating with artists, blending traditional art with modern design, infusing products with a distinct artistic atmosphere. This year’s New Year collaboration seamlessly blends the brand’s innovative concept with Chinese Lunar New Year culture, offering a distinctive New Year’s blessing that conveys well wishes and hopes for a better future.

在今年新年,LOEWE與優秀剪紙藝術家陳彥廷老師攜手合作,帶來獨特的剪紙作品。這次的剪紙作品將幾個特殊的生肖元素融合其中:首先是鼠,象徵著聰穎機智與富饒豐收的象徵;其次是豬,代表著各項事務都將吉祥如意、無往不利;還有雙魚,象徵著多子多孫、雙雙對對的幸福吉祥之意。 這些生肖元素在剪紙藝術中得到了精湛的呈現,彰顯了中國傳統文化的獨特之處。LOEWE一直以來都注重與藝術家合作,將傳統藝術與現代設計相結合,為產品注入了獨特的藝術氛圍。今年的新年合作更是將品牌的創新理念與中國的新春文化完美結合,呈現出別樹一幟的新年祝福,為人們帶來美好的祝福與祈願。

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