Paper-cutting Art


The Miu Miu brand believes in breaking away from traditional imagery. This year, they collaborated with paper-cutting artist Chen Yanting to infuse their designs with Miu Miu totems: swallows, cats, and plants. These elements were combined with Christmas symbols like trees, mistletoe, snowflakes, and gift boxes to embellish the paper-cutting artworks with a festive touch. Miu Miu, a youthful and creative fashion brand, embraces both tradition and innovation, exploring diverse fashion expressions to interpret the contemporary woman’s self-assured and vibrant spirit, while retaining the innocence and liveliness of a young girl. Just like the brand’s debut fragrance “Miu Miu Eau de Parfum,” it evokes a graceful fairy dancing in a spring garden, where the warm and sweet fragrance of honeysuckle radiates the warmth of sunshine, and the garden blossoms vibrantly. This series consistently showcases a blend of elegance and playfulness, awakening the ease and genuineness of young girls and reflecting the honesty of women alongside the mischief of girls. Most importantly, they always stand firm in being themselves.

Miu Miu品牌認為女性應跳脫傳統束縛,今年與剪紙藝術家陳彥廷攜手合作,以燕子、貓、植物等Miu Miu圖騰為靈感,營造出獨特的設計。結合聖誕樹、槲寄生、雪花、聖誕禮盒等節日元素,呈現聖誕氛圍的剪紙作品。Miu Miu這個年輕且充滿創意的時尚品牌延續傳統與創新,探索多元的時尚風格,詮釋現代女性的自信與活力,保留少女的天真與活潑。就像品牌的首款香水「Miu Miu淡香精」,猶如優雅的仙女在春日花園中起舞,溫暖而甜美的忍冬花散發陽光的溫馨,花園盛開繽紛。此系列貫穿著端莊與俏皮的個性,喚起年輕女孩的自在和率真,展現女性的坦率和少女的頑皮。最重要的是,她們總能堅持做自己。

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